Giampaoli Law is dedicated to helping tenants with rental housing issues.

We do not represent landlords

If you are a renter in California facing eviction, problems with your housing or landlord harassment, we may be able to help.

Tenants in California DO have rights!  Whether it’s mold, rodents, leaks or faulty plumbing, you do not need to put up with it just because you are a renter.  Your landlord is required BY LAW to ensure that the housing they are providing is habitable and up to code.

Many tenants, especially those in rent-controlled areas, are afraid to ask for necessary repairs or report problems to local authorities out of concern that the landlord will raise their rent or try to evict them.  That’s called retaliation and it is ILLEGAL. A landlord that retaliates against a tenant for asserting their legal rights is breaking the law.

If you are facing issues with your rental home and your landlord will not take care of the problems, or if you are being harassed or retaliated against for asserting your rights, please contact us today. Giampaoli Law wants to help you!

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